access map
By plane
Izumo Airport* 80 min flight from Tokyo with Japan Airlines
By train
Izumo JR station or Matsue JR station

From Izumo Airport or the train stations, the best way to visit the museums is to hire a car. This will also allow visitors to stop by local places around the museums.

Sample Itineraries

3 days in Northern Izumo

This itinerary takes you to towns and villages.

Day 1 in Izumo

  1. Izumo Taisha shrine
  2. the photo of Tezen Museum
    Tezen Museum
  3. the photo of Izumo Folk Crafts Museum
    Izumo Folk Crafts Museum
  4. Shussai Gama Kiln

Day 2 in Matsue

  1. the photo of Tanabe Museum of Art
    Tanabe Museum of Art
  2. Matsue Castle
  3. Moat tour on boat
  4. Tea experience
  5. Shimane Art Museum
  • Onsen

Day 3 around Matsue

  • Local art and craft studios
  1. the photo of Hirata Honjin Memorial Museum
    Hirata Honjin Memorial Museum
  2. the photo of Yakumo Honjin Residence
    Yakumo Honjin Residence

2 days in Southern Izumo

This itinerary takes you to a rural area.

Day 2 in Unnan area

  • Local farms
  1. Ryuzugataki Falls
  2. Yaedaki Falls
  • Shrines and other historic sites

Useful Links to Plan Your Trip

Useful Links
to Plan Your Trip

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